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What Attendees and Speakers Say About Leadership to Legacy


“I have never before left any seminar feeling this much love, joy, passion and excitement for chiropractic, AK, and life! I am honestly moved nearly to tears as I write this…my deepest gratitude to you, Dr. Cohn, Dr. Mladenoff, and Dr. Walker can never be fully expressed in words. My heart and mind are exploding with appreciation and I am experiencing exponentially more drive and passion to work on the many action steps to create my own success.

It truly means the world to me to have the support of the amazing practitioners and leaders from this event. I cannot thank you all enough for opening my world, my eyes and my heart to what is possible. I hope to be in touch as well to continue the flow of energy!”

Dr. Christy Matusiak, DC, PAK, Integrated Holistic Healthcare

“Thanks for all you and the team did to make this trip a blessing. Our patients will be well served by my time of recharging. I appreciate all of the sacrifices everyone made to make this event happen.

While I value the class time and learn so much from the top shelf presenters, the individual time of mentoring has the greatest blessing for me. To answer my specific questions helps me clarify my purpose and makes our office more efficient.”

Dr. Steve Mangas, DC, Mangas Chiropractic
steve mangas

“It is good and there are a lot of new things and topics are very up-to-date. All presentations were grounded and practical; it plays a very important part for leading and to be a leader; for example Dr. Roselle, Dr. Porzio, and Dr. Hoffman; Derreth & Sybil. In one word: WONDERFUL! The whole seminar is very well organized. It present the spirit of the leadership to legacy. Thank you so much!”

Dr. Qinglong Zhang, DC, DOM, MSOM, LAc, Roselle Center for Healing

“It was really great meeting you and connecting with so many great doctors. I’m currently listening to your book and working on focusing and creating the vision for my future.”

Dr. James Huang, DC, PAK, Advanced Wellness Care and Sports Medicine

“Thank you Tom, Derreth, and Sybil for putting together a great event to carry us through til next year. I’m grateful this was very helpful for Andrew especially to help him get back on track.”

Dr. Tom Heath, DC, Heath Chiropratic and Wellness Center

“Dr. Corey was a massive force. There were so many phenomomenal speakers and AK Docs who spoke to us about starting up and remaining successful in out very specific business.”

Scott G. Einhorn, DC, Chiropractic Applied Kinesiologist

What Attendees and Speakers Say About Leadership to Legacy