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Join Bob Hoffman, DC at Leadership to Legacy 2020!

Dr. Bob Hoffman will present The 7 Laws of Balance — Creating the practice and life you really want. Real Balance – Real Rewards! This engaging and informative class will teach you how to create Real Balance and Real Rewards. The 7 Laws of Balance will cover the most important...
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Join David Leaf, DC at Leadership to Legacy 2020!

Mastering 4 Corners: Be The BEST You Can Be! Mastering 4 Corners: Be The BEST You Can Be! from Dr. Tom Roselle, DC on Vimeo. Dr. Leaf will provide 2 simple ways to achieve this at Leadership to Legacy 2020. You will learn: How to be the best you can...
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Join Mark DeEulio at Leadership to Legacy 2020!

Mark DeEulio will present Modeling Your Image to Maximize Your Reach in Today’s Market The current healthcare scene in the US is changing so rapidly, it has both the public and healthcare professionals feeling very unstable. The allopathic care systems were long overdue for a collapse as they did not...
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Join Howard Cohn, DC at Leadership to Legacy 2020!

Dr. Cohn will present The Big Idea Revisited- 7 Strategies To Transform Your Practice…And The World! Revisit Mission, Vision, and Philosophy of Chiropractic as defined by BJ Palmer…7 principles you should use today! BJ Palmer was probably the greatest leader that the Chiropractic field has ever seen. His vision for...
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Why Should You Attend Leadership To Legacy 2020?

Leadership to Legacy 2020 is a unique event where knowledge is shared…technique is tuned… the person and the practitioner are promoted…relationships are refreshed…and family is formed. Join Tom Roselle, Bob Hoffman, David Leaf, George Gonzalez, Corey Malnikof, Howard Cohn, David Ellison, Mark DeEulio, Russell Roselle, Derreth Painter, Sybil McFarland, and...
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Join Dr. Tom Roselle, DC at Leadership to Legacy 2020

Dr. Tom Roselle will present The Renaissance Practitioner – Learn how masters use different techniques to define their ever-evolving skills and reputation. Dr. Tom Roselle will take you on a journey and show you how to continue to be relevant, effective and change based on the times of your life....
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