What Does It Take To Enter The Golden Age Of Chiropractic?

In a perfect world, those of us that consistently produce the best clinical outcomes should have the biggest practices. The truth is, that those of us who know how to communicate best have the most successful practices. The world needs to hear and fully understand the enormous benefits of chiropractic care in a language that they can understand, fully comprehend and inspires them to take action.

This 2 hour program is about changing, improving and upgrading the chiropractic story. It is about Brain Based Chiropractic …The New Gold Standard for our profession’s growth and success.

We are in the early stages of the worst epidemic in human history…the neurological epidemic. Stress has been called the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century” by the World Health Organization and this has created the largest window of opportunity for doctors of chiropractic to thrive and flourish if they become aware of and implement many of the strategies in this thought provoking and practical class.

Brain Based Chiropractic is our key to rapid and sustainable growth and this program will show you how to change the conversation and communicate like a master so that patients fully understand why your services are a necessity and not a luxury.

This class will offer cutting edge insights on the great advancements in chiropractic care and its impact on health, healing and how to consistently produce outstanding clinical outcomes.


Dr. Bob Hoffman, DC of the Masters Circle is a best-selling author, healer, speaker, entrepreneur and visionary leader, Dr. Bob Hoffman is President and CEO of The Masters Circle. Bob is co-author, with Dr. Jason A. Deitch, of the best seller, Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich, and has written and performed dozens of books, CDs and videos, all geared to provide cutting edge material to healing professionals on practice growth, practice management, and the philosophy of success.

Discover your strengths in this career & practice building summit from February 1-3, 2018. Multi-million dollar producing professionals and top-notch health industry experts will teach you how to build your brand, become the doctor and leader you want to be, and plan for a legacy of success!

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