Featured Speaker: Dr. Howard Cohn, D.C.

Creating a Health Care Class That Promises New Patients

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In this seminar, Dr. Howard Cohn, D.C. will teach you how to create the excitement and relationship with potential new patients. Tried and true model for educating your community.

Dr. Cohn is the President and Founder of the Cohn Health Institute and Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder of SevenPoint 2.

Dr. Cohn has taken his message of the body’s design to heal itself through proper building blocks. His constant education and application of his many specialties makes him one of the most influential healthcare experts. An NET and AK master gives Dr. Cohn the clinical and professional tools that have allowed him to build one of the most successful practices in the country.

Here’s something to think about:

Ever feel like school didn’t set you up for BUSINESS success?

We get it, you know all the healing techniques…

…but there’s a wide-gap to know what REALLY works to grow.

It’s why we’re inviting you to join us for a rare Leadership To Legacy Conference in Washington, DC from March 28 through 30, 2019.

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✅ Transform yourself in critical areas not found in textbooks

✅ Soak up trade secrets from other GREAT chiropractors

✅ Learn what it takes to build, maintain and automate a 7 Figure AK Cash Practice.

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